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The Republican Party of Otter Tail County is dedicated to creating growth and opportunity for all residents! Our Party is a grassroots-driven organization. Together our elected officials, Party leaders, and volunteers work hard to promote the ideals and policies that move our State forward. Our Party puts family budgets ahead of government budgets, focusing on real solutions for education, rights and privacy, healthcare, energy, and economic growth.


The Republican Party, the party that abolished slavery, stands for equal opportunity for all Americans. We believe that: Neither the federal government nor any agency of the State of Minnesota should classify its citizens by race or discriminate among its citizens on the basis of race, color or religion.



The Republican Party of Otter Tail County is dedicated to efficiently using our funds to advance the principles of the Republican party in our county. With an entirely volunteer organization, 100% of your donation goes to supporting these efforts. Thank you for partnering with us through your contribution!

Donate Today!